How to Detect Vehicles Driving in Neutral Gear with OBD

Indian roads are among the most dangerous in the world. According the WHO reports, there are about 250,000 road fatalities annually in India. In comparison, 289 terrorism related deaths were reported in India in 2015. Road accidents are a serious problem and have several reasons. In this article we focus on a less known and less understood […]

How to measure clutch riding with an OBD device?

This article is the 3rd part of the series, where we focus on how driving impacts vehicles and costs of ownership. Earlier articles focused on harsh driving and gear usage and their effect on fuel economy. In this blog, we focus on clutch riding and how to measure it using Yatis OBD IoT device. What is Clutch Riding Clutch riding is defined […]

How Speed and Gears affect Fuel Economy

This post is 2nd in the series that focuses impact of driving style on vehicles and its usage. An earlier post explored the relationship between Aggressive Driving and fuel consumption. This post will explain the importance of using the right gears and speed to maximize fuel economy. How we did it Again we use data from an OBD […]