How to Launch a Spot Fleet on AWS

In this blog, I will be going over how to set up and run a Spot Fleet on AWS and initialize and run a code deployment to the Spot Fleet What are spot fleets and how do they work? A spot fleet utilizes EC2 instances that are currently not being used by on-demand users and […]

How to install secure robust Redis on AWS Ubuntu

This blog will explain how to install and secure a Redis installation on an AWS Ubuntu 16.04 machine. Redis is an open source, in-memory, key-value based datastore structure. It is used extensively as a local cache, database, and as broker for communication between machines. Besides installation, this blog will also show methods to secure  your […]

Case for Chatbots in IoT

The connected platform for things have been called many different names. One of the earliest one and mostly incorrect term was M2M or machine to machine. We want to connect coffee machines, vehicles, refrigerators, cameras and in the end connect it to humans. In all IoT applications things, data, connectivity are important but the human […]

How to Secure Mongo DB on AWS in 3 steps

Mongo is among the most popular NoSQL databases today. You can easily set it up and get started.  Unfortunately, a lot of the mongo implementations are not secure and can be hacked very easily. Data is the new oil and as Yoda would have said, “Protect it, you should”. In this blog we will first explain how […]

How to install secure, robust Mosquitto MQTT broker on AWS Ubuntu

Mosquitto is a light-weight broker that powers cheap, low power, fast messaging on MQTT.  MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is amongst the most popular messaging service for low cost devices that talk over IP. We at Yatis use MQTT with a Mosquitto broker to power real time communications between devices, servers, mobile and web applications. […]

Amazon Lex bot with Facebook Integration ( SEND API )

Bots are becoming a important part of our lifestyle. Lets look into how to build one. We have  good number of platform choices for building a bot. However each has its pros, cons and we’ll be discussing on integration details on how to build a bot using lex and export it onto Facebook Messenger Platform. Building a […]

How to Detect Vehicles Driving in Neutral Gear with OBD

Indian roads are among the most dangerous in the world. According the WHO reports, there are about 250,000 road fatalities annually in India. In comparison, 289 terrorism related deaths were reported in India in 2015. Road accidents are a serious problem and have several reasons. In this article we focus on a less known and less understood […]